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470 million Speakers


Second most spoken language in the world

It is one of the official Languages of the UN and 23rd April is celebrated as the Spanish Language Day

Number of Spanish Speaking Countries: 22

Number of Public Universities: 51 – 12 among the world’s best 500 Universities

120 million Speakers


Germany is considered as the 3rd largest Economy

Among most spoken languages in Europe

Number of Official German Speaking Countries: 6

Number of Public Universities: 70 – 17 among the world’s best 250 Universities


220 million Speakers


It Is one of the 3 procedural languages in the European Union and is among the official languages of UNESCO, UNICEF, WTO and ECOSOC

Number of Official French Speaking Countries: 29

Number of State Universities: 82 + 5 Catholic Universities – 22 among the world’s best 500 Universities

85 million Speakers


Official Language of 6 Countries

Among the top Economies in the World

Among the most culturally and heritage-inclined languages in the world

Number of Public Universities: 50 – among which has 14 among the Top 500 Universities in the World

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French 80%
English 86%
German 78%

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