Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language

We belong to an age where the entire world has shrunk by high-speed internet and other methods of connecting with a blink of an eye. There has to be something unique about you, to thrive in the ever changing dynamics of the market and tough competition. Adding an extra language in your CV is not a short lived harmful decision. It can help you in reaping multiple benefits, which can be personal or professional in nature. It is important for an individual to chart out his target areas/countries/clients/audience. This will help in short-listing the language beneficial for him/her to learn.

Let’s throw some more light benefits of learning a foreign language i.e. to become bi-lingual or multi-lingual.

Proven Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language

Widen your Horizon

Multinational’s prefer hiring employees holding in extra advantage of proficiency in foreign language. Not only has it given an exposure and experience in foreign country; it also provides you the opportunity to become multinational asset to the company. Company’s often put this as a short-listing criterion at the time of hiring globally. It opens all the communication channels in foreign nation. Knowledge grasping and sharing becomes easy and flows naturally. Feeling of being left out can be overcome with the easy method of opting to learn foreign language.

Let Language not be the Barrier of your Boundaries

There is some kind of apprehension to travel or move abroad if one is not able to communicate or comprehend the local language. Lack of proficiency becomes the barrier of your adventure. Being multi-lingual as a traveller gives you an advantage of tasting the local flavours of the place more easily. It also opens the gate to new location and new destinations. Locals will appreciate your attempt to be respectful towards them and communicate in an open manner.

After First Second Comes Naturally

Often you will come across people admitting that after learning their first foreign language; which of course was a herculean task. They didn’t find the second one that challenging. Knowing new language may be only at the level of oration comes naturally. Writing every language is not essential may times.

Avid Readers Swear by it

Readers often have the knack to read their kind of book in other languages too. If you wish to go through Spanish, French, English or African history or literature. It is essential to know the language first. Some of the finest work is yet to be translated into English. But the real feel only comes when you read the original version.

Food for Brain

Learning a new language often expands your imagination, vocabulary, medium of expression and knowledge. It helps in increasing the attention span and improves problem solving skills. Bilingual or multilingual students aspiring for higher education abroad often show better statistics in scoring. It makes one a multi-tasker.

Postpone Onset of Dementia or Alzheimer

Recent studies suggests that bilingual or multi-lingual population showed getting affected by Dementia or Alzheimer at a later stage than the ones who were monolingual. On an average it was delayed by 4.5 years minimum.

Boost your Creative Side and Self Confidence

Knowledge of an extra language gives wings to your creativity. Medium of expression is widened. The numbers of languages you know ascertain the number of ways you can express your single thought. Individual feels more confident in foreign country if they know the language well. Mingling with the locals or same age group becomes easier and comes naturally. Prospects for personal involvement with native become possible.

Spanish is the easiest foreign language to learn if you go by the statistics in terms of learning, speaking, grammar and writing. It also enjoys being one of the most popular language people opt for.

There are multifaceted advantages of learning a foreign language both at personal and professional level. It entirely depends upon the level of involvement individual will have in the foreign land to use the language. There is always a room to develop more hobbies post learning the new language. It paves way to communicate easily with the locals. Once settled in foreign land you can enjoy the music, theatre, and movie or pick up any dance, fitness, reading groups etc to pass your time in the favourite most way.