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An internationally accredited Italian diploma language course. On successful completion of the course, the Certificate of Attainment from the ECL (European Consortium for the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Languages) is awarded.

Professionally oriented to give the participant an opportunity to work as a foreign language specialist in Multi-National Companies and International Schools. Teaches not only the language but also the Culture of the Italian speaking regions.

The International diploma courses are available in three levels:

Advantage B-1

  • 310 Hours
  • ₹ 52,500/- (Includes ECL Exam)

Limited working proficiency – This is the minimum level recognized by the CEFR to acquire a basic proficiency in German.

The advantage B1 program is a combination course that includes the levels A1, A2 and B1. The course offers the student an international certification at no extra cost in addition to a savings in fees.

Advantage B-2

  • 510 Hours
  • ₹91,500/- (Includes ECL Exam)

Professional working proficiency – This is the minimum level recognized in the industry
for working as a Foreign Language Specialist.

Advantage C-1

  • 680 Hours
  • ₹1,29,500/- (Includes ECL Exam)

Full professional bilingual proficiency – This level opens up numerous opportunities for work and study overseas in Italy. Italy has several universities and polytechnics offering courses in photography, architecture, fashion, automobile design, luxury retail management, etc.

Perfect level for those professionals who want to a make a career change as well as it is well suited to Gap year students who can acquire a new language skill sets while they explore various opportunities.

Give us a call to learn more about paying course fees in installments.

*All prices mentioned are exclusive of 18% GST

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