Why IFLAC Is The Best Foreign Language Learning Centre In Bangalore?

Founded in the year 2007, The Institute of Foreign Language and Culture (IFLAC) has always been successful in offering professional courses for different languages. While the institute follows international standards, the team contributes towards an interactive experience for everybody. So, here are some reasons why you should join IFLAC when you desire to learn something new.

Among numerous academies across India, IFLAC has been known as the most popular foreign language institute. It’s exciting to know that a person can grab an opportunity of learning more than 7 foreign languages. Apart from the universally accepted language, English, the individual can select languages like German, Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese or Kannada.

The instructors at the institute are not only experienced but also teach languages with utmost commitment. Since they hail from diverse cultural backgrounds, they actually know how the language is spoken. As a person enrolls for classroom sessions, he or she would be able to construct sentences, use appropriate words and get to know more about pronouncing them correctly. It’s quite evident, that he can explore more and learn the nuances in a much better way.

At IFLAC, you can always seek a meticulously designed curriculum. Every single thing is considered according to the international standards of CEFR. Apart from focusing on learning, the courseware is sure to transform the experience. The material offers helps to comprehend the language and covers every aspect. You would be thankful to native trainers because they help you with grammar, accent as well as skills associated with writing and speaking. On the whole, being proficient in a foreign language helps to enhance the profile and be well prepared with various opportunities.

Even if you’re new to the language, IFLAC helps to improve skills through an array of workshops and classes. For instance, if you have opted for learning an Italian language, then you can go for conversation classes and prepare yourself by attending grammar and writing workshops. Moving ahead, you can also boost your confidence when you have to appear for exams such as CILS and ECL. Every course comprises of two levels, and a person can always move on to the next level just within the budget.

In case you wish to be an expert in a foreign language, then you should certainly prefer learning from IFLAC. The institute is the only center in Asia where Certificate of Attainment in Modern Languages exams are conducted. You can also appear for DELE that’s nothing but an exam which helps you know how well you have mastered Spanish.

Apart from modern classrooms, IFLAC also has a library with an extensive collection of books. This actually doubles the interest whenever a student visits the learning center. Furthermore, the institute has been successful in creating a lively environment that’s suitable for learning any language. Soon, ‘IFLAC JUNIOR’ would be yet another course which would be useful for school going children.

Even when you are interested in learning a language sometime during the year, then there’s nothing to worry about. IFLAC updates a calendar regularly and would surely help you out with the course you can enroll as per your convenience and routine.

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