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About IFLAC Junior

Introduce your children to the exciting and fun world of a new language with IFLAC Junior. In today’s globalized world, acquiring  proficiency in a foreign language opens up new avenues for study, work and personal development. Children have a natural ability to easily learn multiple languages and greatly benefit from the exposure to an inter-cultural learning process.

This is a year round program, organized once a week all through the academic year. Each session is for 90 minutes and is a combination of interactive, entertaining yet educational activities to immerse the child in a new culture and language.

The program has an academic foundation with a strong emphasis on developing oral, listening and writing skills.

Age Group

7-9 -Years 10-12 -Years 13-15 -Years

The course is structured to enable the child to get a proficiency of A2 at the end of Year 4.

This is a customized program for families to learn a language together while also having a great opportunity to bond together. The learning takes places through fun games, songs and role plays.

IFLAC Language summer camps are short courses held in summer to give the child a taste of the foreign language.

Two week program:

Monday to Friday 2 hours a day Age Group: 7-9 years & 10-12 years

Four week program:

Monday to Thursday 2 hours a day Age Group: 13 to 16 years

IFLAC offers language programs for those studying foreign languages in schools. Our classes are designed to match the requirements of IGCSE, A-levels, ICSE,CBSE AND IB- Ab Initio, S/L & H/L.