Japanese Courses

Minasan Youkoso! Welcome to the Japanese language course at IFLAC!

Japan is the world’s third largest economy and has been a strategic partner to India for decades.

Japanese electronics, automobile and scientific research sectors have produced world superpowers that dominate markets across the globe. Japanese culture represented by its inimitable cuisine, literature, films, fashion, art, popular animation and comics, martial arts, meditational practices and so much more, has influenced the world in myriad ways. With more than 5000 Japanese enterprises in India, and their numbers increasing exponentially every year, there is a fast-growing demand for Japanese speakers in India. So it is the perfect time for you to start learning the language of Haruki Murakami san and Narutou.

The Japanese language training at IFLAC is built around the framework of JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) conducted across the world by the Japan Foundation and Japan Educational Exchanges and Services.