Language Life Skills


The language life-skills program is designed as a year-round program, organized once a week throughout the academic year. It is directed towards school children who do not have the language as a subject in school but are interested in acquiring proficiency in a foreign language.

Each session is a combination of interactive, entertaining, yet educational activities to immerse the child in a new culture and language.

The program has a robust academic foundation with a strong emphasis on developing oral and listening skills.

International exams are available for the children aged 12 onwards to enable them to use the certification for credits in university applications. It also provides the perfect platform for those who may wish to pursue higher studies in non-English speaking countries.

Age groups

7 to 15 years

The classes are divided into different time slots and days, based on the age of the student.

Class Frequency

Once a week.

Class Duration

  90 to 120 minutes depending on the level.