What Can You Expect From Our Mandarin Course?

Learning a new language can surely be tedious. But, when it comes to learning Mandarin for beginners you can grasp everything by joining the best learning center. As you attend the classes, you meet people who have the passion for learning something new. Moreover, you always get motivated from within once you go through the available set of resources. So, here’s what you can expect from a Mandarin course at IFLAC.

What Can You Expect From Our Mandarin Course?

Personal Attention

You are sure to spend your time productively at the language learning center. This is because the teacher would be observing you even if you have opted for group sessions. Day after day, you would certainly not repent on investing time and money. The tutor won’t hesitate to lend a helping hand if you need to improve at various instances.

Learn the Concepts

As the instructor takes you through the course right from start till the end, you can learn the concepts in a different way. Once you start framing the sentence by following rules, there’s always someone to pinpoint your mistakes and check whether you are grammatically correct. This works ways beyond when you try to grasp the language through a different mode.


With teachers hailing from diverse cultural backgrounds, you would be able to learn the right way of pronouncing words. This would enhance the proficiency level as well as the fluency when every single thing is taught as per the standards of the Beijing dialect. Once you attain a certain level, you can always opt for a higher level to brush up your communication skills.

Speak Fluently

Once you develop an interest in learning Mandarin, the higher levels help you to construct sentences depending on different situations. The tutors impart training and make you aware of different phrases most of the Chinese speak in their day to day life. Hours of practice can help you master the language which otherwise is not possible especially when you are one among South Indians residing in Bangalore.

Prepare for the HSK 2 Exam

Once you muster the confidence of speaking the language, the teachers help you with everything that’s required for an HSK exam. The level 2 of an HSK exam is set with an objective of assessing the skills and knowledge of Chinese in everyday life. In order to clear the exam, the tutors help you out with practice tests that can make you familiar with the type of questions that are asked during the exam. As you attain the Chinese language certificate, you can seek admission in Chinese colleges and pursue your education further.

Enhance Interaction

As you plan ahead to enroll for Mandarin level 4, you are pretty sure to enhance your listening and comprehension skills. Since you are aware of grammar, concepts, Chinese characters, and pronunciation, you can grab the opportunity to discuss numerous topics in Mandarin Chinese. At the end of the course, you would be communicating just like a native Chinese speaker.

Reference Material

As the teacher guides you throughout the course, you can refer to the material provided by the learning center. This actually helps to clear your doubts and level up reading comprehension skills. As you come across different words, the material would aid you to build on your vocabulary, know the usage and the right spellings. In addition, you can always read stories by referring to a set of books in the library.

So, if you are excited about learning Mandarin, then get in touch with our institute or browse through the website. There’s nothing to worry about if you are tied up with the hectic schedule. You can check out the calendar posted online and see which batch you can attend as per your convenience.