Where Can I Learn French Language In Bangalore?

If you are a citizen of India and desire to learn French, then you should ask this question “where can I learn French?” to yourself first. No worry, read-on this article to get an answer of your question.

Much to your surprise, there are many interesting facts associated with the French language. French is taught to students soon after the most commonly spoken language, English. Even though it’s the mother tongue of more than 70 million people across the globe, French is considered to be the second language. Officially, the professionals working at the International Red Cross, the UN, and NATO use French frequently while interacting. Way back in the 17th century, French was the main language for international communication. But, over a period of time, speaking in English became quite prominent. As far as the words are concerned, the letter ‘w’ appears in unknown words within the French language.

Hope these facts help you to get the importance of knowing the French language at the Global platform. So here is the best answer to your question “where can I start to learn French”.

Why Choose IFLAC to Learn French? (#5 Reasons)

There are five reasons why IFLAC is known to be the best language learning center in Bangalore;

  1. The instructors at IFLAC are highly experienced and work with dedication to enhance language skills. Since they hail from diverse cultural backgrounds, individuals don’t have to worry much when it comes to learning the language in depth.
  2. IFLAC never compromises on quality. Every course is designed as per the international standards and syllabus laid down by CEFR. Besides, the teachers walk an extra mile to ensure that the courses meet the highest standards of pedagogy.
  3.  If you’re thinking about the curriculum, then it’s always well-structured. This helps to give a comprehensive understanding of the language that’s taught. There are instances when teachers emphasize on different aspects of learning.
  4. Apart from classrooms at the learning center, IFLAC boasts a library with a huge collection of books. This helps the students to learn the language in detail as they can go through books. Moreover, the library creates a lively ambiance and makes the environment much more conducive. The excitement multiplies and every person develops an interest to learn more about the language.
  5. With IFLAC, there’s nothing to worry about timings. The institute regularly updates a calendar posted on the website. This gives a glimpse of courses and batches across months. So, if you are trying to attend sessions during a hectic schedule, then you can refer to the calendar and choose the course as per their convenience. Adjacent to the calendar, you can also get an idea of the classes at the first glance.

French Courses at IFLAC

IFLAC is the most popular foreign language center in Bangalore. You can either opt for group classes or private tuitions. Here’s a list of courses offered by the center.

French Level A1-B1

This is the first course you should enroll for. Apart from helping you to enhance proficiency in French, the course gives students an opportunity to work as Foreign Language Specialists in international schools and MNCs. After attaining a Certificate, the students can take up a graduation course in a one of the reputed universities located in Europe.

French Professional Courses

Oriented to enhance the individual’s profile, French professional courses offer to boost the working level proficiency based on the framework by the European Union. The courses are designed with an objective of moving ahead in the professional arena. While it’s essential to clear the B1 level, students can continue learning all the way up to B2 and C1.

French Conversation Courses

With conversation modules of 10 hours as the cumulative duration, French conversation courses help to increase fluency and build vocabulary. Once you join the courses, you would be able to speak better on various themes and concepts.

French Grammar & Writing Workshops

With the help of modules, such kinds of workshops aid to improve grammar and the fundamental concepts. Besides, you can also boost your skills when it comes to written communication.

French Exam Preparation Workshops

These workshops are designed with an aim to prepare students for various sections of the international exams. Primarily, the classes focus on speaking, writing, oral comprehension and written comprehension.

So, if you are staying in Bangalore, then contact IFLAC to know more about what can be offered at the best price.